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US-9384394-B2: Method for generating accurate lane level maps patent, US-9385352-B2: Test and measurement device with a pistol-grip handle patent, US-9386327-B2: Secondary content insertion apparatus and methods patent, US-9387338-B2: Methods and devices for performing electrical stimulation to treat various conditions patent, US-9391269-B2: Variable resistance memory devices patent, US-9392768-B1: Throw and fetch equipment and systems using interchangeable projectile holder elements patent, US-9393951-B2: Methods and systems for driveline mode transitions patent, US-9394018-B2: Vehicle body structure and method for assembling vehicle body structure patent, US-4466386-A: System and method of vaporizing liquid for delivery to an internal combustion engine patent, US-9394301-B2: [1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-a]pyridine and [1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-c]pyrimidine compounds and their use patent, US-9395374-B2: Analysis of amino acid copolymer compositions patent, US-9397560-B2: Controller for a power supply with transition region regulation patent, US-9397917-B2: System and method for zoning in software defined networks patent, US-9400214-B1: Terahertz frequency domain spectrometer with a single photoconductive element for terahertz signal generation and detection patent, US-9400628-B2: Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and program patent, US-9401953-B2: Intelligent high-volume cloud application programming interface request caching patent, US-9403455-B2: Adjustable armrest device for securing in a cup holder of a vehicle patent, US-9405428-B2: Mobile terminal and multitasking method thereof patent, US-9405793-B2: Native language support for intra-and interlinked data collections using a mesh framework patent, US-9409091-B2: Baseball videogame having pitching meter, hero mode and user customization features patent, US-9409255-B1: High power laser imaging systems patent, US-9411066-B1: Sondes and methods for use with buried line locator systems patent, US-9411266-B2: Developer storage container patent, US-9412533-B2: Low travel switch assembly patent, US-9412572-B2: Sample holders and methods of using them patent, US-9413264-B2: Ground power unit for aircraft patent, US-9413535-B2: Critical security parameter generation and exchange system and method for smart-card memory modules patent, US-9413885-B1: Methods and systems for blocking unwanted communications patent, US-9414198-B2: Location-aware mobile device patent, US-9416375-B2: Methods using peracids for controlling corn ethanol fermentation process infection and yield loss patent, US-9416446-B2: Semiconductor device manufacturing method and substrate processing apparatus patent, US-9416905-B2: Protective cover for drainage tube cable tie patent, US-9416958-B2: Electric light bulb type light source apparatus patent, US-9417868-B2: Entity wide software tracking and maintenance reporting tool patent, US-9419923-B2: Method for sharing function between terminals and terminal thereof patent, US-9420096-B1: Unified method and apparatus to simplify telephone area code dialing patent, US-9420345-B2: Method and system for power management in a frequency division multiplexed network patent, US-9420620-B2: Systems and methods for aircraft on-ground determination patent, US-9421228-B2: Use of anti third party central memory T cells for anti-leukemia/lymphoma treatment patent, US-9421722-B2: Method of making open-ended thermoplastic belting patent, US-9423852-B2: Selecting a startup condition of an electronic device corresponding to available power patent, US-9424325-B2: Recording medium, distribution controlling method, and information processing device patent, US-9424601-B2: Method, computer program product, and system for providing a sensor-based environment patent, US-9425638-B2: Alignment independent and self-aligning inductive power transfer system patent, US-9427318-B2: Intra-operative heart size measuring tool patent, US-9428740-B2: Lipase-containing polymeric coatings for the facilitated removal of fingerprints patent, US-9428990-B2: Rotational wellbore test valve patent, US-9429546-B2: Phased array ultrasonic bolt inspection apparatus and method patent, US-9432177-B2: Communication apparatus and reception method patent, US-9433459-B2: Deposit ablation within and external to circulatory systems patent, US-9433531-B1: Steerable laser probe patent, US-9436088-B2: Un-supported polymeric film with embedded microbeads patent, US-9436315-B2: Noise rejection circuit for touch sensitive display patent, US-9436524-B2: Managing archival storage patent, US-9436786-B1: Method and circuits for superclocking patent, US-9437029-B2: Mosaic oblique images and methods of making and using same patent, US-9439314-B2: Housing for encasing an electronic device patent, US-9439513-B2: Spring-soft intermediate mounting piece for swivel chairs patent, US-9441905-B2: Grip / cover for key lock system patent, US-9446028-B2: Methods of increasing tonic inhibition and treating fragile X syndrome and angelman syndrome patent, US-9447066-B2: Salts and crystal forms patent, US-9447071-B2: Crystalline polymorphs of the free base of 2-hydroxy-6-((2-(1-isopropyl-1H-pyrazol-5-yl)pyridin-3-yl)methoxy)benzaldehyde patent, US-9447806-B2: Self-retaining alignment system for providing precise alignment and retention of components patent, US-9453270-B1: Methods of fabricating a polycrystalline diamond compact patent, US-9456821-B2: Surgical apparatus and structure for applying sprayable wound treatment material patent, US-9457227-B2: Adjustable push-up apparatus patent, US-9463088-B2: Intraocular lens design method and intraocular lens patent, US-9464431-B2: Wall with decorative facing patent, US-9466276-B1: Stringed musical instrument having a resonator assembly patent, US-9466629-B2: Image sensor and method of fabricating the same patent, US-9468505-B2: Self-ligating bracket patent, US-9469014-B2: Conditioning device for conditioning a blade patent, US-9471639-B2: Managing a grouping window on an operator graph patent, US-9472480-B2: Over-mold packaging for wide band-gap semiconductor devices patent, US-9474748-B2: Adjuvant chemotherapy for anaplastic gliomas patent, US-9478219-B2: Audio synchronization for document narration with user-selected playback patent, US-9479833-B2: Content supplying apparatus, content supplying method, content reproduction apparatus, content reproduction method, program and content viewing system patent, US-9480327-B2: Drop-prevention apparatus for a rolled product patent, US-9480550-B2: Highly elastic stent and production method for highly elastic stent patent, US-9485860-B2: Multilayer board patent, US-9487447-B2: Diamond polycrystalline body and method for manufacturing the same, and tool patent, US-9488151-B2: Ignition system patent, US-9488750-B2: Wellbore FTIR gas detection system patent, US-9488797-B2: Lens barrel, image-capturing device, and method for controlling lens barrel patent, US-9489039-B2: Systems and methods for presenting intermediaries patent, US-9489640-B2: Methods and systems for compliance confirmation and incentives patent, US-9489891-B2: Method and system for driving an active matrix display circuit patent, US-9491056-B1: Methods and apparatus for protocol independent model to provide event-based discovery patent, US-9491278-B2: System and method for displaying images and videos found on the internet as a result of a search engine patent, US-9492533-B2: HSV-1 and HSV-2 vaccines and methods of use thereof patent, US-9493976-B2: Vehicle opening/closing member damper apparatus and vehicle opening/closing member stopper apparatus patent, US-9494933-B1: Processing packets in an aircraft network data processing system patent, US-9494954-B2: Thermal control systems and methods for information handling systems patent, US-9495628-B2: Passive RF tag with adiabatic circuits patent, US-9499118-B2: Airbag for oblique vehicle impacts patent, US-9504970-B2: Methods and apparatus for creating turbulence in a thermostatic mixing valve patent, US-9507469-B2: Information processing device, operation input method and operation input program patent, US-9507770-B2: Methods, systems, and products for language preferences patent, US-9507962-B2: Method and apparatus for secure execution using a secure memory partition patent, US-9508674-B2: Warpage control of semiconductor die package patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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